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updated: 10/28/2010 11:01 AM

Nothing secret about Brady's lies

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It's no big news that political ads can be misleading, vicious or just plain lies. But the worst ad I've ever seen is Bill Brady's claim that Gov. Pat Quinn "secretly released 1,700 violent criminals from Illinois prisons."

First of all, does any reasonable person believe that a governor can "secretly" release prisoners? That's insulting to all of us. It's a lie. Secondly, if Bill Brady considers himself qualified to be governor, surely he's very aware of Illinois' overcrowded prison system. Would Brady like more prisons built to curb this problem? If so, how will he pay for them? Cut social programs for our veterans, or the record number of unemployed, or hungry children? Or a tax increase, something he vows he'll never do? And I assume Mr. Brady would be just fine with new prisons built in his upper-class hometown.

It would be interesting to see how quickly Brady is offended were anyone to accuse him of "secretly releasing" Illinois prisoners. Bill Brady, this is nothing new, but you owe Pat Quinn an apology.

Susan King

Mount Prospect