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updated: 10/25/2010 12:44 PM

Quinn's has record of caring about pets

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Earlier this year, Bill Brady sponsored legislation that would allow for the mass gassing of sheltered dogs and cats His "final solution" would painfully kill pets over a period of 30 to 40 minutes. Imagine (if you can) your beloved dog or cat in a gas chamber with other innocent and terrified animals. I understand that sometimes they even survive this torture. The thought is just too horrible.

I am an animal lover and know of countless, happy stories in which people have taken in a homeless dog or cat. The love our animals give us is like no other. Under Bill Brady's plan, many people would never have the chance to experience their rescued pet's love.

Shelter dogs and cats haven't done anything wrong. They deserve a chance for a better life. Many have already suffered and should not be tortured in a gas chamber. Gov. Pat Quinn has a long history of fighting for the humane treatment of animals. That is one of the many reasons I support Quinn.

Earlene Leeper

Buffalo Grove