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updated: 10/28/2010 6:46 PM

Pol's civil union stance illogical

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State representative candidate Deborah O'Keefe-Conroy professes Catholicism as her religion. She has even taught religious education in her parish. Yet, as a Democrat, she endorses "civil unions" for homosexuals. She claims that Jesus loves everyone and that "everybody deserves to be treated the same way."

Her views contrast with her Republican opponent who also professes Catholicism, a lifelong parishioner at the same parish, Dennis Reboletti. He opposes civil unions, "because that's what my faith teaches me."

Reboletti's view conforms completely to the traditional Christian doctrine regarding homosexuality, as expressed in the Bible and the catechism of the Catholic Church. The catechism, the authoritative statement of doctrine, clearly denounces homosexuality as an "intrinsic disorder" and a "grave depravity." Conroy, the religion teacher, explicitly rejects the moral authority of the Catholic Church by her stance.

Conroy, the Democrat, is asking the state to endorse immorality. Nothing in the Gospel justifies such a philosophy. Divine judgment does not treat sinners and non-sinners in the same way.

If civil unions do purport to treat everybody the same way, why do they only apply to homosexuals? Why can't any collection of cohabitating persons enjoy the benefits of civil unions, for example, two brothers, an elderly mother and her son, etc?

The controversy shows not only the Democrat's failure to accurately represent Christianity but also her failure to recognize the illogic of her secular theory of equal rights.

George Kocan