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updated: 10/28/2010 6:27 PM

What else are these Republicans hiding?

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I have not written to your column for several years, but now feel I must again do so.

Two Republican candidates running for offices in November election must really think they can fool the public. Mark Kirk apparently doesn't know the truth from lies regarding his alleged military service. He also seems unable to come up with a plan to help "Joe Average" if elected. He does know how to exaggerate untruths about his opponent, such as blaming him for his family bank takeover by the government. No doubt he will come up with other untruths before the November election.

Bill Brady has yet to come up with any "plan" as to what he will do if elected. He says he will explain his "plans" after he becomes governor of Illinois. There is no way I will, or others should, consider voting for him (or anyone) who says he will explain his plans "after" being elected. It could be that he will either cut most programs now operating such as teachers, college student assistance, Medicare, police and firefighters, but we the public won't know until "after" he is elected.

At least Gov. Quinn is honest in asking for an income tax increase to help reduce the very large deficit, mostly caused by his predecessors.

Anselm J. Schumacher

Rolling Meadows