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posted: 3/20/2010 12:01 AM

Government must take more action

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If it weren't for the deaths, mental anguish and financial aspects, this Toyota thing would be almost comical. First it was floor mats. Then it was a bushing in the accelerator pedal. Then there was talk of a possible electronic problem.

Toyota doesn't have a clue as to what the problem is and yet they continue to offer cars for sale and our government officials let them. They can order kids toys and contaminated food off shelves but not death traps. I have driven cars with floor mats since 1944 and never had one depress a gas pedal. Bad bushings? never. Since 1995 my cars have had 'by the wire' accelerator control with no problems.

This morning I read of the driver in California, who with the aid of a police cruiser, was able to stop safely. What did the government do? They towed the car to a Toyota dealer for examination. That is outrageous. I believe an applicable old adage is "Hiring a fox to guard your henhouse". Does anyone expect an impartial investigation? Even worse what about possible tampering with the evidence?

Our government is well noted for it's lack of ability to organize a one car funeral successfully. Let's just pray that it's not a Toyota driver's funeral or that of an innocent bystander.

Ken Kitzing

Mount Prospect