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posted: 2/10/2010 12:01 AM

Two views still lead to one conclusion

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In his guest view column on Sunday, Feb. 7 Columbia College Chicago Professor Howard Schlossberg expressed his opinion that CBS had applied a double standard by airing, during the Super Bowl, the commercial about Mrs. Tebow's choice to give life to, rather than to abort, her son Tim, but refusing to air a commercial depicting two homosexual men caught up in romantic "animal magnetism."

Mr. Schlossberg's view is that both commercials are controversial so CBS should have aired both of them and was "narrow-minded" in airing only the one. Mr. Schlossberg acknowledged that he did not "agree with the moral in the ad depicting the Tebow family's story," without explaining the "moral" he had in mind.

I credit the Herald for placing the guest view column of Arlene Sawicki on the same editorial page as Mr. Schlossberg's.

Ms. Sawicki considered efforts by the National Organization for Women and other groups to censor the Tebow commercial to be "irrational anti-Christian bigotry (that) is more 'pro-abortion' than 'pro-choice,'" and noted that the American Life League's president had described the Tebow family's story as "inspiring and beautiful."

The conclusion I reached after reading both opinions is that these opposing views can never be reconciled. People who think as I do easily find the reasons in Deuteronomy, Chapter 30, verse 19; Jeremiah Chapter 1, verse 5; Leviticus Chapter 20, verse 13; and the entire history of Western civilization up to the 1960s.

Mary Ann Kenesey