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posted: 2/10/2010 12:01 AM

Policies help union, government workers

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It is hard to believe how the Democrats and the president enjoy taking advantage of the common folk. If you do not belong to a union or work for the government, you are discriminated against.

Now the hardworking business owners, employees who do not work for a union, have to pay for a group of people who do not generate new jobs, but, cost the taxpayer a ton of money. I guess that is why the banks have to pay a fee for the tarp money and the auto companies do not.

How can the president pass a health care bill and tell us how important it is, but make sure they will not have to pay more in taxes, or suffer less insurance coverage. The majority of Americans are opposed to this.

I have a background verification company, and can see how that is happening with new jobs. The trends show there is not a lot of hiring going on.

Ron Fogel

Crime Researchers Inc.