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posted: 2/10/2010 12:01 AM

President must fill nation's piggy bank

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As an adult at 50 years old, I am amazed how spending now has become seemingly patriotic in America. I am old enough to remember the phrase "a penny saved is a penny earned."

People used to believe that it was wrong to spend money you did not have. Children actually had piggy banks that were often filled, and then some of the money was taken to the bank to earn interest. People did not buy above their means because much was done by a cash transaction. Banks were places that you could trust and certainly were not the greedy demons that they have been portrayed as by the current administration.

Enhancing the national debt exponentially in such a short amount of time, while sending the wrong message of fiscal responsibility may be politically expedient but is truly un-American. Purchasing political loyalty through excessive government spending is problematic. Nongovernment and lasting jobs cannot return unless the banks and corporations are strong.

The financial future of our children and their children may be in dire straits. Perhaps President Obama might want to fill the nation's piggy bank, or maybe he forgot what it was for.

Andy Isaacson

Villa Park