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posted: 2/9/2010 12:01 AM

Obama should quit bipartisan attempt

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If President Obama is serious about keeping his campaign promise of change, he needs to give up his fantasy of bipartisanship. It ought to be abundantly clear to everyone by now that the Republicans are not interested in changing anything, but are only determined to obstruct the president at every turn to ensure his failure, never mind the common good and the national interest.

President Obama's obsession with bipartisanship, as evidenced by his State of the Union address, is threatening to undermine not only his party but our nation's future. The sooner the president realizes that the GOP consists of self-serving and irresponsible politicians, who apparently have no qualms of wrecking the country for political gain, and who would rather have this nation in ruin than see President Obama succeed, the better off all of us will be.

Lanlan Hoo