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    The JC Brooks Band headlines Dunn Dunn Fest Friday, Feb. 16, at FitzGerald's.

    New location brings new vibe for sixth annual Dunn Dunn Fest

    Music promoter Donnie Biggins is bringing Dunn Dunn Fest, his three-day celebration of roots rock, blues and Americana, back for its sixth year Feb. 15-17. But this time, instead of spreading shows across six city venues, the festival will be held entirely at FitzGerald's.

    FILE - In this March 21, 2017 file photo, Rob Delaney poses for photographers upon arrival at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards in London. Delaney has announced the death of his infant son from cancer, memorializing the boy as “smart, funny, and mischievous” in a Facebook post. Henry Delaney was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, according to his father. After surgery to remove the tumor and treatment early last year, the cancer returned in the fall, and Henry died in January. (AP Photos/Tim Ireland, File)

    'Catastrophe' star Rob Delaney's son dies of cancer at age 2

    "Catastrophe" star and co-creator Rob Delaney has announced the death of his infant son from cancer, memorializing the boy as "smart, funny, and mischievous" in a Facebook post


    The top 10 songs and albums on the iTunes Store

    This week's top selling songs and albums on Apple iTunes.


    Wife feels pressure to repair husband’s relationship with sisters

    Carolyn Hax tells wife to talk to her mother-in-law about how to mend husbands relationship with his estranged sisters.

    FILE - In this Dec. 6, 2016 file photo, designer Carolina Herrera attends the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Gala honoring Carolina Herrera in New York. Herrera is stepping down as creative director of her fashion label, and handing the reins to young American designer Wes Gordon. Herrera founded her label in 1981. The Venezuelan-born designer will present her final New York Fashion Week collection next week, and then will transition to a new role as global brand ambassador. She is 79. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

    Carolina Herrera hands creative director role to Wes Gordon

    Designer Carolina Herrera is stepping down from her creative director role, appoints young American designer Wes Gordon as successor

    Mae (Caroline Neff) and her father (Francis Guinan) contemplate their time together during his cancer treatments in Clare Barron’s “You Got Older” at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago.

    Steppenwolf’s ‘You Got Older’ adroitly mixes humor, despair

    Ambivilence, hope and frustrated desire all richly mix with humor and despair in “You Got Older.” Clare Barron’s 2014 drama making its Chicago premeire at Steppenwolf Theatre.

    Dennis DeYoung, a founding member of the rock band Styx, performs at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan on Saturday, Feb. 10.

    5 things to do this weekend in the suburbs

    Sweet treats await at Morton Arboretum’s Chocolate Weekend, former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung plays the Genesee, and stunt performers show off their skills at the Chicago Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Here are five fun ideas for the weekend.

    Fashion from Tom Ford is modeled during Fashion Week, Thursday Feb. 8, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

    Sparkles, fake fur, and an '80s LA vibe at Tom Ford

    Tom Ford presented a fanciful ode to his current hometown, Los Angeles, with a lighthearted show heavy on bold color, bright prints, colorful fake fur, and lots of sparkles


    Real estate market unfazed so far by changes to tax law
    Were fears overblown that changes to the federal tax law would trigger plunging home values?

    Maureen Christine and Michael Bazan perform the concert “If I Loved You” at McHenry County College’s Luecht Conference Center Sunday, Feb. 11.

    5 things to do for $5 (or less) in the suburbs over the next week

    Listen to romantic show tunes, commemorate Lincoln’s birthday or go ice fishing in the suburbs. Here are five cheap ideas for the week ahead.

    Bill Zwecker, one of Chicago’s premier celebrity columnists and entertainment reporters for decades, is the latest marquee personality to be forced out at the Sun-Times, sources confirmed Thursday.

    Feder: Sun-Times cuts columnist Bill Zwecker

    Bill Zwecker, one of Chicago’s premier celebrity columnists and entertainment reporters for decades, is the latest marquee personality to be forced out at the Sun-Times, Robert Feder writes.

    Country artist Andrew Salgado returns home for an album release party at Shanahan’s in Woodridge Friday, Feb. 9.

    Weekend picks: Darien’s Andrew Salgado returns for new country release

    Rising country artist Andrew Salgado returns home for an album-release show in Woodridge; more on this, the Chicago Auto Show, Bobby Lee at Schaumburg’s Improv Comedy Showcase and other fun events.


    Condo hit with lien after couple splits

    Q. My girlfriend and I owned a condominium together for about five years. Last summer, we split up. We calculated how much equity we had in the condo and I paid her around half. She signed a quitclaim deed giving me her interest in the property.I just received in the mail a letter from some attorney and a copy of something called a Memorandum of Judgment. It says some bank obtained a judgment against my ex and they have recorded a lien against my condo. It gives me a number of options of paying off the judgment.As best as I can tell, this is a credit card that was in her name only. How can they put a lien on my property? What can I do to get this lien off my property?A. Here’s the $64,000 question: Which came first, the recording of the quitclaim deed conveying her interest in the property to you or the recording of the Memorandum of Judgment?A Memorandum of Judgment attaches a lien to all real estate owned by the judgment debtor in the county the memorandum was filed in, effective the date of recording. So, if you recorded the quitclaim deed on Aug. 1, 2017, and the memorandum was recorded on Aug. 15, 2017, the lien would not attach to your property as she had no interest in the property on Aug. 15. If the recordings occurred the other way around, you have a problem.To make this a teaching moment, anyone finding themselves in this situation should perform a title search on the property prior to purchasing the interest of a co-owner. If that was done (and the memorandum was recorded prior to the contemplated buyout), it is likely you would have discovered the lien and adjustments could have been made to the buyout price.In the event the memorandum was recorded prior to her conveying the property to you, you will need to contact her and present her with the situation. Not sure how the breakup went, but clearly the right thing to do would be for her to assume responsibility for the judgment amount. If she refuses, speak to an attorney regarding your options, which will probably require filing a lawsuit against her.Q. Next to my house there is a vacant lot that is owned by the guy on the other side of the lot. I have approached him about purchasing the lot but he is not willing to commit to anything. He’s an older guy and I’m pretty sure he will be selling his property in the somewhat near future. What can I do to get the first shot at the lot when he sells?A. Obviously his house is worth more if he elects to market it as a house plus a lot. You would probably need to convince him there is more value in selling the lot to you and the house to another party than selling the two together. Perhaps you could get a Realtor to provide estimated values to the two properties being sold separately vs. being sold as one unit to help convince him that selling the lot to you is the better choice.Presuming you can convince him to sell the lot to you at some future date, an option agreement may provide the answer. You would pay him a certain amount today (option price) for the option of purchasing the property from him at some future date at a price agreed upon today. Maybe it could be structured as “Buyer (you) have the option of purchasing the vacant parcel at 123 Smith St. for $X at the earlier of the date the owner sells the property contiguous to the lot or three years from this date, whichever date is earlier.”The seller may not be fond of this option as it commits him to a price, presumably at today’s market value. Another option would be a Right of First Refusal. Here, again you pay him something to enter into an agreement where once he receives an offer on the lot, he must present the offer to you. You then have the option of entering into a contract with the seller under the same terms as the original offer he received or allowing the seller to proceed with the original contract offer.

    A mix of old and new in the main living room/ entertainment space is seen in David Feinstein and Susan Pitman’s renovated row house.

    Row house with history undergoes delicate redo

    This house in Washington, D.C.,was built between 1888 and 1890 for James Ewan. Ewan had three daughters, and the home still bears a carved relief of four female hands holding bells. Historians believe the sculpture was a tribute to the Ewan daughters and his wife, giving rise to the home’s identification as “The House of Four Bells.”


    Athletes with ties to the suburbs and Chicago will participate in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

    Editorial: Suburbs can take special pride while watching Olympics

    A Daily Herald editorial says that the winter Olympics provide a unique opportunity to see the best of the human spirit, and local athletes give the Chicago suburbs even more reason to cheer.


    South Korea — the world’s most successful country

    Columnist Fareed Zakaria: As the world’s attention turns briefly away from Donald Trump and toward the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, it’s worth focusing not just on the sports but on this year’s host country.


    A difficult year for romance
    Columnist Georgie Anne Geyer: We have to face it, bravely and forthrightly, like serious men and women who recognize a sobering sexual crisis when they see it. There is no use fighting it anymore. Valentine’s Day should be abolished this year.


    Immature boycott
    A Huntley letter to the editor: Danny Davis and Bobby Rush boycott Trump and the State of the Union.


    Tax reform is helping
    An Elgin letter to the editor: I read an article in the Daily Herald that interviewed Congressman Peter Roskam about the new tax bill that he helped guide into law and wanted to share how it is benefiting my family and me.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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