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    The Prairie Path crosses many busy streets in Wheaton and Glen Ellyn.

    Editorial: Making roads safe for walking, cycling involves cost, awareness

    A Daily Herald editorial says the death and injury statistics clearly show why it’s so important for our communities to take steps to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

    State Sen. Cristina Castro

    Castro: Time for Ethics Commission to get serious about sexual harassment in Springfield

    Gues columnist Cristina Castro: Once again, the state legislature has allowed a problem to fester until it’s a full-blown emergency and a public spectacle.


    School board’s bad faith bargaining behind District 15 strike
    Letter to the editor: “This (District 15) strike is ... about a stubborn school board flexing their muscles and refusing to negotiate in good faith,” writes a Palatine resident.


    Hats off to Villanova boys cross-country!
    The St. Colette Tigers congratulate St. Thomas of Villanova School on the impressive win at the Boys Cross-Country championships.


    Hypocrisy in budget vote
    A Rolling Meadows letter to the editor: We can now say that all of the Republican Congressional delegation from Illinois are hypocrites.


    Common-sense writer
    A Rolling Meadows letter to the editor: I appreciate all the columns by Walter Williams. He presents the common sense factual news that a lot of journalists and the left ignore.


    Rules change could lead to harm to Arctic Refuge
    A Schaumburg letter to the editor: Politicians in Washington are trying to open the Arctic Refuge and our nation’s coasts to destructive drilling in an attempt to offset proposed tax cuts and to favor the oil industry.


    Military personnel need straight answers on loans
    The Illinois House of Representatives has an opportunity to support our veterans by ensuring that their financial security isn’t jeopardized.


    Restrict, don’t increase, access to marijuana
    An Oct. 28 letter to the Daily Herald advocated greater access to marijuana for people suffering chronic pain, citing a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).


    It’s all Obama’s fault
    A Naperville letter to the editor: It’s his fault the Tea Party started. It’s his fault a congressman yelled “You Lie!” during an Obama speech to the Joint Session of Congress.


    A highly descructive federal budget
    A Woodstock letter to the editor: The House of Representatives passed a highly destructive budget that panders to the rich while torpedoing the middle and lower classes.


    Elitists undermine Trump agenda
    An Aurora letter to the editor: This whole charade with the Robert Mueller investigation just proves how entrenched the globalist elitist influence is in Washington, D.C.


    Try checking out socialism in Venezuela
    A Carol Stream letter to the editor: Regarding the letter headlined, “Don’t like Socialism? It really isn’t that bad, ” maybe if the writer went to Venezuela and spoke to the people, his idea would be different?


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