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    Neal Belcher recognized his heart symptoms after hearing a speech at his Elgin workplace. He got surgery to repair his condition and save his life.

    Editorial: 30 minutes a day that can save your life
    A Daily Herald editorial points to grim mortality statistics that clearly demonstrate the need to consider lifestyle choices and heed warning signs to minimize the risk of a heart attack.


    Slusher: Donald Trump, Billy Squier and thoughts on honest reporting

    Columnist Jim Slusher: Why is President Donald Trump reminding me of an experience involving classic rocker Billy Squier, and can the connection teach us something about “fake news”? Let’s see.


    This can’t become War on Drugs 2.0
    A Crystal Lake letter to the editor: I applaud President Trump for his declaration of the opioid crisis as a national emergency. That praise is not without reservation, however, as it comes with a stern warning. We cannot let President Trump’s handling of the opioid crisis become the War on Drugs 2.0.


    Trump’s behavior can’t be the new normal
    A Wheaton letter to the editor: The majority of Americans who voted in 2016 thought Donald Trump was less qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton. Many thought he was also incompetent.


    Even GOP is admitting Trump can’t govern
    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be pulling for Paul Ryan or Mitchell McConnell, on any subject. But now, as they fight — verbally and politically — with the so-called president it’s hard not to admire their resistance to his self­-admired achievement and ridiculous goals, viz. a wall 30 feet high and 1,500 miles long on the border with Mexico — you know, the one Mexico will be so happy to pay for. Or, the described equality of the KKK and neo-Nazi forums with people protesting their fascist, hate proclamations. Or, the unending Republican-inspired crusade to reduce or do away with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or any other program designed to help the people of the country, so they could arrange to pay smaller — or no — income and corporate taxes, plans we still have to oppose. But while we fight those self-serving Republican dreams, let’s acknowledge that even Republican politicians recognize the fundamental inability of their leader to govern a nation.Frank Sears Buffalo Grove


    Free speech trampled
    A Prospect Heights letter to the editor: Too bad you are all missing thepoint, when Pres Trump said both sides were to blame. The despicable KKK and David Duke chose Charlottesville to speak his inflammatory rhetoric to his followers about removing the statue of General Lee.


    Explosion of rules is government run amok
    A Mundelein letter to the editor: In Mark Levin’s book “Rediscovering Americanism,” he cites the following: “The Congressional Research Service recently reported that according to the Office of the Federal Registrar, “the number of final rules published each year [by the executive branch] is generally in the range of 2,500-4,500.”


    Trump’s power is built on cult of personality
    A Schaumburg letter to the editor: At this point, it’s plainly clear that Donald Trump is becoming unhinged and is completely unfit to be POTUS.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


    Measuring, and mismeasuring, the Trump conundrum

    Columnist Byron York: After all that has happened, Trump’s favorable and unfavorable rating — not his job approval, but whether people hold a favorable or unfavorable view of him — is virtually the same as it was on Election Day.


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