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How to handle an empty nest that’s no longer empty

Apr 19 2018 | 10:29 am - Our Ken Potts shares some tips for empty nesters who find their nests are no longer empty.

The importance of a ‘circle of friends’

Apr 12 2018 | 10:52 am - Our Ken Potts says building a circle of friends who you can depend on, and who can depend on you, is important in creating a happy life.

Equitable education funding gives our children brighter future

Apr 05 2018 | 11:26 am - We may think we’re keeping our children safe and happy, but to protect their futures we need to make sure we’re providing educational opportunities for their whole generation, our Ken Potts says.

Forgiveness takes more than an apology

Mar 22 2018 | 9:20 am - When someone is hurt in a relationship, both partners need to work through seeking and offering forgiveness, our Ken Potts says.

Why couples wrongly avoid marriage counseling

Mar 15 2018 | 9:28 am - Our Ken Potts says there are lots of reasons why couples try to avoid marriage counseling — and almost none of them will lead to a happy ending.

5 attitudes essential to relationship success

Mar 07 2018 | 2:41 pm - In relationships — like other areas of our lives — our attitudes are crucial to success, our Ken Potts says.

Work to resolve conflicts fairly and quickly

Mar 01 2018 | 11:28 am - There’s no way to have a conflict-free relationship, but our Ken Potts says it’s best to learn to resolve issues quickly and fairly.

Cemetery walk can help you focus on what’s important

Feb 22 2018 | 11:29 am - When our Ken Potts needs to refocus his priorities, he walks through a cemetery and thinks about what he really wants to happen between “Born” and “Died” on his gravestone.

Sometimes, our words are all we have to give

Feb 15 2018 | 1:02 pm - “I feel. I care. I’m here.” When it feels like words aren’t enough, they may be the best we can offer someone, our Ken Potts says.

‘Fathering’ helps both kids and dads grow

Feb 01 2018 | 11:50 am - Studies show children fare better when both parents are active caregivers. But our Ken Potts says involved dads get as much from their “fathering” as their kids do.

items 1-10 out of 370