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Burt Constable grew up on a farm in Goodland, Ind., where he learned how to plant, cultivate, rotary hoe and be fearful of cows. He is a 1976 graduate of South Newton High School, and graduated from Northwestern University in 1980 with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

Burt worked for the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier and the Washington (Iowa) Evening Journal before becoming police reporter with the Daily Herald in 1981. He worked as a copy editor and later covered courts, crime and some sports and general assignment stories before becoming a full-time columnist in 1988 alongside legendary Chicago columnist Jack Mabley.

He has won several awards, generally for covering tragedies. Burt and his wife have three sons and live in the suburbs.

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Constable: The stars, surprises of inaugural hoopla

Jan 18 2017 | 11:55 pm - Inauguration Day activities aren’t always a window into the soul of our new president. James Brown, the godfather of soul, performed his hit “Say it Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud” at an event for a...

Constable: After slow start in race relations, Cubs are catching up

Jan 17 2017 | 5:42 am - Our nation’s first black president honors the World Series champion Chicago Cubs on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. All of that seemed pretty unlikely not that long ago.

Constable: Young hoopster makes Bulls as artist

Jan 15 2017 | 6:01 pm - Former Buffalo Grove High School basketball player Dave Zarzynski now is making an impact with the Chicago Bulls — as an artist.

New questions you might hear at this year’s Cubs Convention

Jan 12 2017 | 9:30 pm - The first 31 annual Cubs Conventions heard a common refrain from fans: “When are you going to win a World Series?” Here are seven new questions you might hear from fans of the World Series Champion Cubs at this year’s...

Constable: Another convention with reason to celebrate

Jan 12 2017 | 8:41 am - The Chicago Cubs Convention isn't the only weekend gathering with something to celebrate. The Greater RV Show in Schaumburg is celebrating one of the best years for RV sales ever.

Constable: Obama's grace more than skin deep

Jan 10 2017 | 5:44 am - One of the most impressive things Americans will miss about President Obama is his skin — not his skin's color, but just how thick it is.

Constable: 'Ordinary doc' from Wheaton tells of miraculous medical tales

Jan 08 2017 | 8:46 am - Odd stories of prescient dreams, out-of-body experiences and sick patients getting visits from long-dead relatives are the tales doctors might be hesitant to share. But longtime Dr. Scott J. Kolbaba of Wheaton heard enough of them to write a book.

Constable: Ready for 99 days without a paid holiday?

Jan 04 2017 | 11:10 pm - Spoiled by holidays, parties and time off work, we’ve got just a few more days to celebrate until we enter the annual holiday desert — a 99-day period without a sanctioned day off.

Constable: U.S. Postal Service rides to the rescue

Jan 03 2017 | 6:25 am - In our age of instant communication, the U.S. Postal Service might seem antiquated. But the institution founded a year before we became a nation still comes through.

Constable: Mood gloomy, but 2016 not the worst year

Dec 29 2016 | 8:48 am - It’s easy to bid good riddance to 2016 — the year that brought us the deaths of many great artists, the Zika virus, terrorist attacks here and around the globe, heartache over shootings by and of police officers, and one of the nastiest...

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