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  A Daily Herald editorial says state and local governments must work together to ensure safety in unincorporated areas.

Editorial: Think safety to narrow jurisdiction gaps

Updated: 1/13/2014 06:21 PM

  An Inverness letter to the editor: As so often happens in politics, the Democrats' characterization of the need for the 12th federal extension of unemployment benefits since the recession's onset in 2008 as an "emergency" does violence to the plain...

GOP has it right on jobless benefits

Updated: 1/13/2014 06:18 PM

  A Palatine letter to the editor: Why do people who have an ax to grind against a political party or other entity tend to close their minds to any ideas except their own opinions? Are they're afraid they may be wrong?

Base your beliefs on sound evidence

Updated: 1/13/2014 06:18 PM

  Columnist Kathleen Parker: This may be one of the most brilliant turns of phrase yet. Not one single American, gun to head (figuratively speaking), would say, "I'm for inequality" or "inequality is good." But is inequality what we're really talking...

Unequal incomes is not the real problem here

Updated: 1/13/2014 10:06 AM

  breads: Elliott Papineau

Sour Seeded Rye Bread

Updated: 1/13/2014 02:43 PM

  Hot/Cold Carrots: Elliott Papineau

Hot/Cold Carrots

Updated: 1/13/2014 02:43 PM

  Last Harvest Beans: Elliott Papineau

Last Harvest Beans

Updated: 1/13/2014 02:43 PM

  A Sleepy Hollow letter to the editor: His minions take political revenge by shutting down Fort Lee, N.J., and blocking the busiest bridge in the world, and yet the governor of New Jersey knows nothing about it? Shakespeare never saw Fort Lee, but he...

Christie's minions know Shakespeare

Updated: 1/13/2014 11:20 AM

  Love your kids? Push for drug tests

Love your kids? Push for drug tests

Updated: 1/13/2014 11:20 AM

  An Addison letter to the editor: Every week the TV show, "This Week With George Stenopoulos," acknowledges the deaths of our military killed in Afghanistan. This past Jan. 5, three men were named. Their ages were 27, 28 and 22.

Service people still dying abroad

Updated: 1/13/2014 11:20 AM

Galleries 225131-225140 out of 496286

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