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updated: 4/12/2018 4:19 PM

Lost credibility

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There was a time back when I was a kid, that folks believed Walter Cronkite. As a matter of fact, when Cronkite went to Vietnam and looked into the camera and declared it wasn't worth the sacrifice -- support for U.S. involvement in Asia faltered. Twenty-five years after Walter Cronkite retired from the reporting business, he said he was never contacted for advice from anyone in the industry since he retired. And so much has changed.

To be succinct, in my own personal opinion, if this nation really cared about "truth" then, Julian Assange would be outside in the fresh air and feel the sunlight.

Remember those weapons of mass destruction the New York Times wrote about, or the "fact" Hillary Clinton was going to be president in 2016? Major media has lost much of the people's trust that Walter Cronkite once held. It is only by their own behavior, this is so. Lap dogs, the lot of them. And, if the entire Sinclair broadcast were shown, instead of an edited stilted copy of their introduction, they could claim balanced fair reporting and instead TV news looked to me like another kettle-and- black pot burger. Nothing to see here unless they are willing to share the whole thing instead of bits and pieces.

Diana Skipworth


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