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posted: 11/12/2017 12:01 AM

Walter Williams helps us heal?

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Opening the paper Nov. 1 to read Walter E. Williams' column bashing and encouraging further actions to embarrass those that predicted a Clinton landslide, I am not sure Trump even thought he was going to win, and encouraging readers to shun the mainstream media for ultra right wing outlets truly left me stunned.

Is this commentary one that encourages this nation's healing? Is this commentary helpful? Is this a call to arms that we should all take up? Encouraging readers to disregard five major TV news sources to tune in the conservative ones that are currently touting stories that contain many false statements and misconceptions, even to the point that reports of other news anchors at one notable station are rolling their eyes and threatening to quit because of the material presented.

Another point is that Williams does not present any justification for turning off main stream media other than they predicted Hillary's win. Didn't Karl Rove cause chaos at Fox News when he refused to admit on live TV that Obama had won Ohio in 2012? Maybe that means that we should be shunning that station that put him front and center during election results.

We all have our rights to watch and read what we prefer but the Daily Herald has got to be a better publication than the one printing this Williams column. He shows little journalistic ability in his op ed piece to the point where I question if he actually believes any of what he writes since he is unable to defend his opinion or even present commentary of much value.

Joy Young

Glen Ellyn

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