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posted: 1/11/2017 1:00 AM

Obama's hypocrisy on Russian hacking

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Obviously it is never a good thing to have the Russians hack into our systems. But watching Obama, Democrats and the news media totally freak out about the possibility of Russians hacking into the DNC's, Hillary's, and Podesta's emails; a few logical questions spring to mind.

First, Obama's own administration has reported that China regularly steals $350 billion in American technology a year over the internet, including stealing our F-22 Raptor technology. Obama has done nothing about it. Why? China then hacked the U.S. Department of Personal Management and stole the personal data and fingerprints of 22 million Americans. Obama has done nothing about it. Why? The Obama team found out that someone was hacking the DNC and Hillary's emails in May of 2016 and again Obama did nothing about it. Why?

But once Hillary lost the election, Obama has suddenly punished the Russians for hacking Hillary's unprotected email and Podesta's email, which was protected with the silly password "password"! Why this hysteria now but no action about much bigger cyber attacks on America by China?

Obama and the Democrats have stressed how outrageous it is that the Russians tried to influence our election. Yet Obama thought it was perfectly OK to try and influence Israel's election by sending his experts and $350,000 of taxpayer money to try and defeat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by helping his opponent.

Can anybody say hypocrisy? Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama all tried to improve relations with Russia as Trump has said he will try to do. Does anybody remember Hillary's "Russian Reset" embarrassment? Why is that suddenly wrong under Trump?

What we really have with Obama and the Democrats is "sore loser hypocrisy"!

Randy Rossi


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