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posted: 1/9/2017 1:00 AM

What 'hacked' emails were really all about

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There sure is a lot of reporting that the "Presidential Election was hacked by the Russians."

To be very clear, there is no evidence that any voting machines were "hacked" at all and there should be no implied fact that the "hacking" had any direct impact to the results of the Presidential Election.

What was hacked were the email accounts of Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chairman John Podesta and other Democrats within the Democrat National Committee. There also seems to be a lack of public evidence that the Russians were behind that as well. There are certainly reports from undisclosed sources from within the CIA and FBI that the Russians are involved. There should be no opposition that an investigation is warranted to determine who is behind these cyber attacks.

However, lost in all this reporting is the inconvenient truth of what was uncovered in these emails. This distraction to focus on who did the email hacking from what was uncovered is no doubt the goal of the Democrats and the complicit liberal media. So, lets remember the emails that proved the DNC was working to marginalize Bernie Sanders so that their candidate Hillary Clinton would have a clear path to the nomination. Let's not forget that CNN provided the Clinton campaign with debate questions ahead of the debate and that NBC debate moderator John Harwood called DNC heads to ask for information that they might have and he could use against Donald Trump in a Republican debate.

The Democrats got caught for all their dirty tricks and that is a shame I guess. The truth is, if these emails would not have shown how the Democrats rigged things for Hillary Clinton's presumed benefit then this would not be a story at all.

David Georgeson

St. Charles

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