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posted: 8/18/2014 5:01 AM

President has a lot to put up with

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What a lot of hogwash by the writer who recently claimed President Obama has caused the illegal immigration of children from the south. What would you do, sir, if you were the president dealing with a recalcitrant GOP that blocks everything you try to do? And now listen to John McCain brush off the president's request for funds to help with the influx of all those minor children, saying we will not give it to him because he will just ask for more next year. Hey, Senator, let's not project the future, let's deal with the here and now! These kids are coming not because of Obama's lax policies but because the GOP has consistently refused to vote a real immigration bill to fix this mess.

If any of his critics think they could do a better job, they should put their money where their mouth is and run for the office. They will soon learn what each president has had to learn -- the naysayers are going to run the show and get all the publicity. And without cooperation from the House, this president has had to put up with so much hatred and criticism while coping with wars in the Middle East and dealing with all the internal affairs. While the elected officials in Congress work a short week and take off for vacations constantly, the they can criticize this hardworking president for drinking a beer and playing a game of pool in Texas. What a travesty!

This president has had to deal with more than one man or woman should ever have to, and yet he is doing his best. Not good enough, you say? Well then, you try it,

Martha Tuohy

Arlington Heights

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