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posted: 8/17/2014 1:01 AM

Current policies insult previous immigrants

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I'm responding to the article regarding Immigration from our south border by Greg Hose. Mr. Hose doesn't understand the meaning of country.

The United States is defined by its borders and without borders, we have no country. By allowing anyone coming from our southern border to arrive here without filters and legal or medical inspections could be a recipe for virus epidemics.

Humanitarian? At what cost to us?

Look what's happening overseas with the Ebola virus. This has to stop and stop now.

This president has no clue and no respect for the immigrants who came in through Ellis Island. Nearly 2.3 million of them came over legally from 1925 through 1954.

These were immigrants from Europe (my ancestors) who had their paperwork in order, they went through several interviews with public officials, inspectors and medical personnel.

Before entering this country, they were scrutinized from head to toe along with taking literacy and reading tests. These immigrants worked hard to arrive here and present the proper documentation to become citizens. We've cheapened their efforts by allowing anyone and everyone to enter this country without going through the legal requirements the immigrants of Ellis Island went through.

The president should be ashamed that these law violators continue to enter our country every day. If this president is allowing these illegal immigrants to continue to break the laws of this land, then what laws are next to be broken? You may not like the answer.

Paul Friedman