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posted: 8/16/2014 5:01 AM

Can't afford yet another tax increase

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I was shocked to see that once again our taxes are going up. When is enough enough already? Our property taxes are high enough. Three St. Charles school board members that voted against were Corinne Pierog, Jim Gaffney and Judith McConnell.

Remember these names. They were in agreement that property taxes should not be increased, yet the other four board members must be living in a bubble and not reading the paper.

People are losing their homes, companies are downsizing so people are losing their jobs, they can't afford the property taxes we already have. So to make matters worse the four board members who voted for the property tax increase decide to add more to our property tax bills.

When will enough be enough? How much deeper do they think our pockets are? We don't have unlimited funds to keep digging each year to find more to pay for their increase and lack of managing the budget.

I thought we were supposed to see some kind of property tax relief. Yet we are going to get hit with another increase.

I think the board that voted for this should take a walk around Kane County and see all the homes being foreclosed. I would like to know where they think people are going to find the extra they want on the property tax bill. Do they think every employer out there gives yearly wage increases? People still have to pay for utilities.

Maybe instead of the sheriff handling the eviction notices, we can have the board members who voted for the property tax increase to hand it to the families being foreclosed on.


Linda Sobieski


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