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posted: 8/12/2014 12:12 PM

Please remain in president's way

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A recent letter encouraged the GOP to get out of President Obama's way. I for one hope the GOP stays firmly in the way of his destructive agenda.

Let's review some of President Obama's perceived accomplishments that Mr. Teune sites:

President Obama has kept the U.S. out of war -- implies that a different President would have us engaged in another war. Really?

Obama has been influential on the world stage -- the world is in chaos and "leading from behind" has not proven to be too successful in the eyes of many.

Obama rescued the economy from a near depression collapse -- maybe consider more the efforts of the Federal Reserve than those of the president. We are in the sixth year of the slowest economic recovery in history. The majority of jobs being created are part time positions.

With compassion, the president has tried to find help for millions of immigrants, both adults and more recently children. One big word missing here is "Illegal." What is happening at our southern border is a humanitarian crisis with thousands of children entering the U.S. illegally. No easy solution but should never have happened to begin with. Every legislator in Washington is at fault.

Obama has seen that those without access to health care have received these minimums. Everyone has always had access to health care, through the emergency room. Certainly not the most cost effective but accessible nonetheless.

The president's health care law, passed only due to a Democrat majority in the House and Senate, has possibly been the single largest spoof on the American public in our history.

Although the GOP clearly has their own set of issues, I say please remain in the president's way for the sake of our country.

David Georgeson

St. Charles

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