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posted: 8/7/2014 5:01 AM

Attack ads do the voters no good

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Decades of election winners in Illinois have produced one of the least-acceptable governments in America. Illinois has a horrible economy, second-highest property taxes, numerous prisoners and the second-largest citizen exodus of the 50 states.

The Illinois campaign style is for candidates to describe each other as the south end of a northbound donkey. One of the demonized individuals wins and proves the description to be accurate -- just witness the state of our state. Normally the campaign is devoid of plans and heavy on insults, none of which is helpful to a voter's decision-making process.

The "new" Illinois way is to totally invent news headlines and attribute the National Enquirer-type headlines as "truths" told by an opponent. Crime-riddled backroom government in Illinois is a post World War II rule. Chronically distorted statements categorizing an opponent as "out of touch" are worthless to a voter.

Illinoisans generally vote for the least offensive liar. Springfield convenes their annual circus and King Madigan imposes his rule. The elected courageously abandon their plans to represent Illinois citizens and do as told by the king. The new "public debate" format -- inventing what the other guy said and then an opponent rejecting the statement -- is less informative than simple distortion (if that's possible).

Attack ads are stomach turning to voters. Attack ads centering on quotes from others, and attributed to our "liars," is really hitting below the donkey's saddle. What could be next; posting a photo of someone else and claiming it is them?

Illinoisans are just pawns for the sandbox style of law we have stuffed down our throats. Until Illinois has a real government we should stick to putting perfume on pigs. The pig is still a pig, and we recognize the smell.

Alan P. Murdoch

Arlington Heights

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