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posted: 8/7/2014 12:01 AM

Catholic Church was here first

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Catholic Church was here first

Marty Klemenz's negative letter on Aug. 6 about the Catholic Church is typical of those who do not take time to read history and receive most of their information from the secular media or movies.

The Catholic Church is over 2,000 years old; the oldest Protestant church is only about 500 years old, which means it has had a long time to make mistakes. Catholic Church is the only Christian religion that can trace its apostolic succession directly to Jesus Christ; without it there would be no other Christian churches.

The early Catholic Church fathers assembled and protected the integrity of the books that would be included in the same Bible that is used by all Christians.

Without commenting on the sins of other religious groups (one need only take a look at history past and present) compare the Catholic Church to the United States, which is only 200 years old. A few images come to mind such as the Trail of Tears, slavery, and children working in factories.

In spite of continued persecution of its members worldwide that continues even today, the Catholic Church feeds more people, houses more people, educates more people (it was the first organization to educate women) and hospitalizes more people than any other organization in the entire world. It does not ask if they are Catholic: it asks if they are in need.

Unlike some religions and politicians, which come and go and are vague in their practices and views in order to placate their membership, the Catholic Church has never kept its values a secret and is not afraid to speak out. This candidness and honesty is something Americans are not used to an age where every spoken and written word is measured for political correctness.

Rosemary Orbegoso

Glen Ellyn

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