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posted: 8/6/2014 5:01 AM

Easy to see how Tea Party has all answers

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In a letter that appeared in the Daily Herald on Aug. 2, after labeling the Democratic Party as being like a "rabid skunk," George Kocan of Warrenville enlightened us with the blurb that "single women face economic distress with pregnancy."

I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the only one wondering if Mr. Kocan meant all single women or just those that are "rabid skunk" Democrats? And, does that label also apply to any married women, "rabid skunk" or not, or is it just the single ones who are the problem?

The gentleman from Warrenville further opines that the pregnancies he refers to ensue because the concerned women "hook up with irresponsible and immoral men." Presumably, these men are also some of the Democratic "rabid skunks" to which he previously referred. After all, being both irresponsible and immoral, they can't be conservative Republicans, can they?

Lastly, the gentleman from Warrenville laments that "birth control and Democrats' social engineering" will not solve the problem of all those single women hooking up with all those irresponsible and immoral men.

In summary, it certainly is comforting to know there are such all-seeing and all-knowing men as Mr. Kocan among us. His views illustrate perfectly how conservative Republican and Tea Party leadership can cure the country of all it ills, both social and economic.

Mark Anderson


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