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posted: 7/31/2014 1:01 AM

President has shown his lack of experience

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In a letter to Fence Post in December 2009, I wrote that I feared we had elected a president that lacked the experience to deal with both domestic and foreign polices.

I have voted in every election since Harry Truman and have voted for the candidate I felt would do the best job, be he Democrat or Republican.

Most if not all these past presidents had the good sense to negotiate and compromise with Congress to move their programs and the country forward. Instead, this president has refused any serious negotiations and definitely no compromising and instead has chosen to bypass Congress by issuing executive orders.

Since his first day in office, this president while promising an open administration, has operated behind closed doors, locked out the press on numerous occasions, has succeeded in dividing the nation.

The economy and unemployment continue to be a problem for far too many people.

His inexperience in foreign affairs has cost us our world leadership role and fueled disasters in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mean while, North Korea and Iran continue to advance their nuclear programs.

His establishing the "red line" did nothing to deter the action it was meant to stop. His early and total withdrawal of troops from Iraq has turned Iraq into a terrorist state, overrun by ISIS.

Scandals came out in the IRS, NSA, VA Hospitals, the "fast gun" program and the release of high-profile terrorists from the military prison in Cuba. His failure to secure our southern borders has resulted in a massive influx of illegal immigrants that is going to cost billions of dollars to fix.

This president continues to blame others for all our problems when he should be evaluating his own performance, spending less time at fundraisers and on the golf course. 2016 cannot come soon enough.

Howard Huber


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