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updated: 7/31/2014 5:18 PM

Show you disagree; don't shop at Hobby Lobby

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I respect the right of Hobby Lobby ownership to disagree with, and not personally use, any form of contraception they feel goes against their religion. I do have deep reservations against them imposing their views upon employees, however. I keep reading that the Supreme Court ruling affects only four of 20 different contraceptives. The conflict is that these four are legal, and denial of these in a health care contract is an affront to all who have different religious viewpoints. Would it be appropriate to deny benefits for blood transfusions, as just one example of a health care expense some religions see as immoral?

The Supreme Court has now opened the door for more potential religious-based exclusions. I will now exercise my rights and never shop Hobby Lobby again. There are many other alternatives, and I urge others who share my view to do the same.

Alan Galant


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