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posted: 7/23/2014 1:01 AM

Attempt to poison dog was dangerous, cowardly

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An open letter to a coward in Hawthorn Woods:

So, you think it is an acceptable act for you to pepper someone's yard with mothballs, some hidden away in meat. You know the dog living there is going to consume that meat. You also know moth balls are toxic to dogs. They can suffer liver or kidney damage and they can die!

Was that your intention? Of course it was.

I wonder if you were at all concerned that the 5-year-old child living there might also be curious? Of course you did not.

I don't know what that dog has done to upset you so, but I do know you have never approached the owners in any fashion to express your concern. Instead, you took it upon yourself to attempt to kill the animal and maybe harm a child. What's that, collateral damage?

What you actually did was allow a young family with a 5-year-old to watch their beloved pet vomit violently, become lethargic and extremely ill. You made it possible for that 5-year-old to watch his father whisk his dog to the emergency vet not knowing what was going on.

You are a coward.

I have a suggestion for you. At your next family dinner or gathering, when you are pretending to be an upstanding, kind person, please share with your children or grandchildren the story about the day you gathered up all your courage and laced your enemy, a pet dog, with poison, and then ran away under the cover of dark.

You coward.

Virginia Johnson

Hawthorn Woods

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