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posted: 7/11/2014 5:01 AM

Illinois ruling indeed related to pensions

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Regarding the July 3 Illinois Supreme Court decision:

"The ruling on health care benefits had no direct bearing on the larger case" (Maura Possley, spokeswoman for Lisa Madigan).

"The arguments in the pension reform litigation are different than the ones in this health care case" (Possley).

In reference to the Constitution: "The (pension) provision was aimed at protecting the right to receive the promised ... benefits, not the adequacy of the funding to pay for them" (Justice Charles Freeman).

This pension case demonstrates the abusive style of bully governance provided by King Madigan. The worst state government in America has no idea what 12 million Illinoisans want and need, no understanding of the law, and it refuses to see any connection to reality. A "protected right ... promised health benefit" is not viewed as "even" similar to the protected right ... promised pension benefit.

The court decision on the legality of the pension fix is still coming. The General Assembly-created "pension crisis" repair is crafted by Madigan, the same official who created the crisis. The jesters are now blindly defending the king's plan.

The state's attorney general has lost any legal vision and is arguing an emotional (not legal) case. The elected officials are refuting any connection to the legal ruling of the Supreme Court between the Constitutional guarantees of health care and the pension.

Perhaps these elected folks should have applied themselves more in school. I'm just sayin'.

Alan P. Murdoch

Arlington Heights

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