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posted: 7/6/2014 1:01 AM

Why change path of Illinois government?

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Our state is billions of dollars in debt, taxes keep rising, businesses are leaving for other states, every month more people leave Illinois, every year another member of state government is convicted of wrongdoing. All this must be the fault of Tea Party members and conservative Republicans.

They have done this even with the past and current governors from the Chicago Democratic Party in office for the past 12 years. They somehow have done this even with Michael Madigan from Chicago as speaker of the house for the past straight 18 years.

At the same time for the past 11 straight years, the state Senate has been under the control of Chicago Democrats, and yet the Republicans are still to blame for the sad state of Illinois government.

We know we must keep the conservatives out of power because the leadership of our state government has told us this. The Chicago Democratic Party needs to keep the Republicans powerless in state government, so the path we are on must remain the same. I'm sure some time in the distant future, the Chicago Democratic Party leaders will bring our state sunshine and rainbows for all.

Too many Republicans talk about balanced budgets, not raising taxes and cutting unnecessary spending, not to mention having responsible government. If these people are elected to government, they might try to balance the state budget and encourage business to expand here.

Why would we want to change the leadership of this state after over a dozen years of complete Democratic control? So if you like your current state government, please vote in more Democrats. Better yet don't vote at all and let the Chicago Democrats decide what is best for you and the state.

Connie Shanahan