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updated: 6/17/2014 9:56 AM

Here's how we can 'Save America'

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I propose the following "Contract to Save America," and all candidates for public office, whether for federal, state or local, office should sign it.

We the undersigned candidates for public office do hereby pledge to do everything in our power to SAVE AMERICA by accomplishing the following:

1. Create more private sector jobs, in part, by lowering and making corporate income tax rates more competitive and reducing expensive job killing federal regulations.

2. Give all veterans immediate and complete access to any and all of our nation's great medical resources to treat their service-related health issues

3. Fix Obamacare by eliminating the individual and employer mandates, eliminating the "death panels," reducing its scope and expense, etc.

4. Return God to all public venues and add "In God We Trust" to the Constitution.

5. Require a balanced federal budget and eliminate use of "baseline budgeting."

6. Give our nation's military all the resources they require to keep us the free world's leading superpower.

7. Tell all the world's tyrants, by our actions and not just words, that we will preserve freedom, peace, international law and fight evil, using military force only when necessary.

8. Require all elected public officials to be subject to the same laws as all other citizens.

9. Stop gerrymandering by amending state constitutions and laws to meaningfully define "compact" boundaries.

10. Create an independent nonpartisan election police force to ensure that all votes are cast by qualified citizens, that the votes are counted accurately and that all election laws are complied with.

11. Make all public officials enforce the laws we pass as required by the Constitution.

Roland G. Ley

Arlington Heights

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