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posted: 6/8/2014 12:01 AM

Need to seek serious energy policy

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Need to seek serious energy policy

"Global Warming" or now "Climate Change" is code for a scenario that starts with an observation that carbon dioxide and other gases in our atmosphere, like water vapor, trap heat. That is science. But, beyond the science, the whole scenario includes an insistence that the carbon dioxide contribution from fossil fuel burning will become a predominate weather factor, resulting in starvation, death, and destruction.

And, it is assumed that there is value in preventing some of this by reducing our use of fossil fuels. However, it is said that the benefit that may be obtained (at great economic expense) is expected to be negligible.

Unfortunately for the "warmists," their global warming predictions have not held true for the last 15 years. What these warmists really want, particularly the politicians driving it, is more central government control of our lives where an elite few always know better how to run things.

Oh, and, yes, there is that carbon tax thing (cap and trade, etc.) that was expected to bring in billions if not trillions of dollars in both tax and profit by those running the trading. Could money directed toward some favored few be behind all this?

Whether or not the warming concern is valid, there is a solution. It is with nuclear power. It is economically viable, creates jobs, supports our energy independence, has an advantage of being a diverse energy source, has no carbon emissions, and helps conserve our limited fossil fuels that will be vital for future generations. Nevertheless, left-leaning voters and politicians continually work to kill that option.

I hope we get serious some day with a valid, cost-effective, intelligent energy policy.

Peter Wohld

Glen Ellyn

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