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posted: 6/2/2014 5:01 AM

Step up, GOP women, and take party back

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Why do the GOP demagogues insist on another costly and fruitless investigation into Benghazi? Already they have spent a billion dollars in their determination to try to blame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama and now have the audacity to call home current Secretary John Kerry, who is working hard trying to bring reason to the contenders in Ukraine and the Middle East. Congressmen who are using our tax dollars for such another probe are also making sure they get their limelight before the elections.

Who really is to blame? The rebels in Libya, of course, but they are untouchable, so let's go after our own and waste time and money to try to find an excuse for the attack. Yes, four people died and the perpetrators are laughing their heads off at the U.S., trying to blame ourselves.

Don't the voters see the waste of our money when Congress should spend its time on issues that affect us, the voters? Instead they have voted down minimum wage increases, women's wage equalities and rights, and the Affordable Care Act, while taking away food stamps and unemployment compensation. And don't forget, they can easily shut down the government when they don't get their way.

It is time GOP women took back their party and made it one that meets the needs of the people and not that of the radicals. They need to remember that they got the vote to make a difference and not to walk in the shadow of the men.

Martha Tuohy

Arlington Heights

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