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posted: 5/31/2014 5:01 AM

Be informed to cut through the 'spin'

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In the May 24 Your Views, David Greb accuses the GOP as being "all about the spin." His evidence centers on allegations that Karl Rove is at it again with the Hillary brain damage nonsense, which Mr. Rove never specifically claimed Mrs. Clinton of having brain damage, along with the "basic GOP strategy ... is that people are stupid."

This may come as a shock to Mr. Greb, but all politicians spin. It does not matter if Democrat or Republican. I might argue that the reason they spin is not that people are stupid but rather people are underinformed.

Political spin can get dangerous when it crosses over into deception or a series of untruths.

The informed readers of the Daily Herald can determine for themselves if there is any spin or deception coming from Washington as it relates to the NSA gathering AP reporters' phone records, IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious or the Affordable Care Act (remember the you can keep your existing health plan and doctor "spin").

The only way to wade through the spin is to be better informed of the facts even though the politicians, be they Democrat or Republican, often have a difficult time communicating the facts. And, sadly, reporters and the media seem to have just as difficult time reporting all of the facts.

David Georgeson

St. Charles

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