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posted: 5/28/2014 12:01 AM

Fox will report, and we will decide

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Fox will report, and we will decide

Who in the world is "Froma Harrop"? The article you published as written by her and read by me on May 20 seems to be extremely biased and very, very wrong indeed. Did she do any homework before she wrote this errant article?

The title of the article, "Fox, GOP are not in the same business" Ms. Harrop, has anybody told you lately that Fox reports, we decide? Or perhaps better yet, "Who are You to Criticize Sean Hannity?"

The rest of the article is fairly gibberish and not easy to understand. Ms. Harrop, do you not think that loads of us appreciate and respect the fact that Fox does report everything and unbeknown to you perhaps, some of us like it that way. Your entire article as written appears that you want us to see you as the savior of Fox News, the GOP and especially Sean Hannity.

Maam, no offense, but you appear to be a staunch left-winger whose feet are planted in mire, unable to foresee the future of news reporting. Why? The elections are in November and we certainly won't be listening to the likes of you or reading so biased an article such as this one. As previously stated, they'll report and we'll decide.

Frances Mettetal


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