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posted: 5/25/2014 5:01 AM

Writer misguided about Chicago racism

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"Chicago has a proud history as a progressive city, so I've been surprised to discover just how much old-school racism still lurks below the surface." So opined John Mehrtens in a "Guest view" column in the Daily Herald, concerning "racist" sport team logos. Has this "assistant professor of political science" just awakened from a long slumber to realize the city of Chicago not only has lurking racism under the surface, it has blatant racism securely on its surface?

Whether the Blackhawk team logo is racist or not is not my issue with Mr. Mehrtens. My issue is with a political science professor who finds racism "lurking below the surface" in one of the most segregated Northern cities in the country -- a laughable observation on his part.

The professor obviously thinks the most important question facing minorities in the city of Chicago is the Blackhawks logo. Might the professor educate himself a bit on what truly are the racial aspects impacting minorities in Chicago?

I daresay a poll of South and West sides' black and Hispanic families would find their concern over an Indian head symbol for a local hockey team far down on their lists of concerns.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel closes 50 schools in these racially segregated neighborhoods only to announce two new charter high schools on the North and Northwest sides. Lurking racism? How about economic and educational racism blatantly visible for all to see?

Aurora University needs to audit assistant professor John Mehrtens' political science class to learn just what this "educator" is imparting to his students.

Steve Sarich