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posted: 5/23/2014 12:01 AM

No more civility in politics

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No more civility in politics

Why is it that the voters of today respond to negative campaigning? The Mr. Nasties of the world have taken over. Civility and winning on your own merits have fallen by the wayside. What a sad state of affairs.

Today's electorate finds the candidates most appealing who attack their opponents. They don't ever check the misinformation that is being spewed out by these candidates. Take for example, in the primary election for state representative, Peter Breen and his almost daily mailings, did more attacking of this adversary, Rep. Sandra Pihos, than he did touting his own qualifications. Rep. Pihos' mailings, on the other hand, were the exact opposite.

More often than not Breen misrepresented her positions. The voters must have loved every minute of it -- voting him as their candidate.

I have known Rep. Pihos for over 35 years, and she has always stood up for her principals and in favor of the needs of her constituents. She has never been a "yes" person to any other politician or group.

I recognize the disgruntled feelings of the voters with the political mess in the state of Illinois, not to mention at the federal level. This has resulted in voters wanting to get rid of all of our representatives.

We must also recognize that we have some truly outstanding servants, who have been fighting for their constituents every day. Rep. Pihos has worked tirelessly for children, seniors, women, and the jobless. We need to keep our outstanding public servants, the ones who continue to serve us.

Priscilla Kuchuris

Glen Ellyn

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