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posted: 5/20/2014 5:01 AM

Enough with the scares about CO2

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I am getting sick and tired of hearing about the global warming alarmists trying to scare us. This recent release mentioned that 215 scientists, a number of "business" people and other "experts" issued more dire warnings.

Well, it wasn't too long ago that they used the term "thousands of scientists " forecasting doom and gloom due to man-made global warming. Are they losing adherents? Also, the increase in atmospheric CO2 seems to be their big boogieman. I have been collecting info and articles about GW since the mid 1990s and one about CO2 is "Potential Dependence of Global Warming on the Residence Time (RT) in the Atmosphere of Anthropogenically Sourced Carbon Dioxide." by Professor Emeritus Robert Essenhigh of Ohio State University. In it he proves that CO2 lasts only 4 to 15 years in the atmosphere.

He also postulates that the majority of global warming of the last 150 years preceded the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, thereby, showing that global warming allows the atmosphere to hold more CO2, not vice versa as others claim.

Essenhigh's studies have been backed by Professor Lindzen of MIT and Professor Tom Segalstad of the University of Oslo, Norway, not some unnamed "thousands (or is it hundreds) of scientists."

Finally, the next time that I hear Robert Redford, et al, refer to CO2 as a pollutant I will run into the middle the street and yell as loud as I can, "What planet do you live on? CO2 is as necessary for life on Earth as oxygen, dummy!"

Michael Mondach

North Aurora

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