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posted: 5/17/2014 12:01 AM

Term limits best cure for state woes

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To Bruce Rauner: Is it any wonder that you are pushing as hard for term limits on all members of the Illinois General Assembly as you are?

There is no solid way to keep people in our state legislature from quickly spending most or all of their time concentrating on getting re-elected instead of finding out what we want the elected representatives to work on that will create more jobs so that our country will become economically healthy and as productive as it used to be. There is a steady flow of people who get in bed with industries and lobbyists who have their own narrow interests and will spend a lot of money on politicians to legislate in favor of things that won't benefit the state as a whole.

There are strong, intelligent people who need to be encouraged to actively get involved by example, which is something we need badly. One way to achieve this is to install term limits on all state elected positions. When a man knows he has only two or three terms to get things introduced and voted on, he will realize that he better get at it.

The state is rapidly deteriorating because we habitually spend more than we bring in and it has to stop.

When you win the governor's job, you will be able to force a number of General Assembly members to acknowledge that term limitations must be respected.

The readers of my comments will hopefully write their representatives and tell them term limits are part of the cure. People who get in bed with industries and lobbyists who do likewise have their own narrow interests that bring politicians into the legislative arena. This is just what we must hold to a minimum.

Chuck Barr

St. Charles

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