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posted: 5/17/2014 5:01 AM

Lawmakers should think outside the Madigan box

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I find it difficult to understand what representative government really means in Illinois. Time to read the job description. I read it again and did not see the "kneel before King Madigan" clause. I guess if you can sleep at night in a Nero fetal position, you are doing a great job. As a teacher, if I invoked the same indecision format you folks employ, you would have had the principal remove me from the classroom, as your children would learn nothing and would not move forward.

Day after day you collect a check, listen to your only constituent (King Mike) and ignore the majority of Illinois residents. Three of four Illinoisans feel the state is run poorly. (Their evaluation reasons are abundantly clear: jobs, education and economy.)

Election after election the lemmings bend down behind the king, and for decades the results are the same: crime-riddled government.

Strap it on, go for the gusto, whatever it takes to have an original thought -- just one. You should not be paid for this week. The king spoke Monday (the issue does not matter) and the "Chicken Little" General Assembly believed the sky would fall if they thought for the people of Illinois. Rather than represent the people they were afraid of the king (politically) beheading them.

Gee, could the motive for scapegoating teachers in Illinois be that sinister? Purge the educational system of good teachers so the students NEVER learn enough about their difficult lives in a kingdom, masquerading as representative government.

Alan P. Murdoch

Arlington Heights

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