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posted: 5/1/2014 12:01 AM

McCain continues warmongering ways

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McCain continues warmongering ways

As Ukraine burns, the light in Senator John McCain's eye grows brighter, and he appeared almost gleeful bashing President Obama on "Face The Nation" over the president's failure to halt Russian pushback to the U.S. inspired coup in that failed state.

When asked what he'd do if he were Commander In Chief instead of presidential loser, the rejuvenated McCain said he'd surely arm the Ukraine thugs he encouraged to overthrow the duly elected Ukraine president, so they could fight back against any further Russian incursion.

That's right, folks, the guy who dropped bombs on innocents 47 years ago in Vietnam and has spent his political career lamenting our loss in that criminal, failed war, and promoting war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran, is now out front in relishing a possible new military intervention. And our sycophantic mainstream media, lusting for ratings by promoting false and destructive controversies, gave the nation's pre-eminent warmonger a good ten minutes to pitch his bellicose, reckless nonsense.

McCain also called for tougher sanctions, even though he admitted they would also hurt ordinary Americans who mostly want nothing to do with U.S. militarism and interference in distant lands not vital to our national interests. Every time McCain pops up to spread his venom to an uncritical media, we should offer thanks he didn't get to command foreign policy and the military in 2008. Had that occurred we'd still be in Iraq, we wouldn't be leaving Afghanistan, we'd have likely bombed Syria and possibly Iran as well.

As he shuttles from one neocon controlled media outlet to another, his Senate limousine should bear the following bumper sticker: Caution -- Pyromaniac On Board.

Walt Zlotow

Glen Ellyn

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