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posted: 4/14/2014 12:01 AM

Dear Bruce Rauner: We need a hero

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Dear Bruce Rauner: We need a hero

Dear Bruce Rauner: I applaud you for taking on the worst run, most corrupt state in the union. You have got to be a strong man physically and emotionally.

I am sending you a check to help with the fight with reservation, trepidation if you will. It seems that people who have not been in politics before become tainted and frustrated once elected because they discover they can't get the things done they promised and so turn to making the same old deals behind closed doors disregarding the average hard working taxpayer.

We are tired of elected officials taking advantage of us and siphoning off our hard earned dollars as though they were theirs, expanding budgets to fit their agenda. Power is addicting, they say. I hope it won't be for you.

To me your election is a "no brainer." All you have to ask yourself, even if you do not know anything about politics and what is going on, is where is Illinois ranked in the union? 50th. What is our debt obligation: I can't count that high.

Are the jobs plentiful? No. Are you happy with your high real estate taxes and low home values? No. And how about the tax increase they now want to make permanent? And last of all, who has run the show in Illinois for a long, long time? Democrats.

Of course, if you are in line for all the handouts, none of this bothers you. They don't even think about the fact that if they keep taking from the working folks, the gravy train will eventually run dry. We need a hero right about now. Someone we can place our hopes and allegiance in. Someone we can trust to do the right and ethical thing for the people of Illinois.

Jean Hefner

St. Charles

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