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posted: 4/7/2014 5:01 AM

Governor's policies have failed thus far

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Governor Quinn recently demanded taxpayers must continue funding his incompetence. He said he's only being "straight," but what does that mean? His policies have all failed to date, and now he needs more of our money to continue failing.

Four years ago, he extorted $6 billion from the productive side of the state's balance sheet -- businesses and taxpayers -- only to squander on the corrupt and wasteful side of the balance sheet -- government mismanagement and public unions.

No, Gov. Quinn, we did not elect you to be "straight," we elected you to fix the problems of the state. You not only failed to fix the financial mess, you have made it worse. Illinois is worse off now than before you started stealing our money. What did you do with the $6 billion? Where is the accountability? Why should we give you $6 billion more? Are you going to "fix" things the same way?

You publicly mocked Gov. Scott Walker when he began his efforts to fix Wisconsin. Yet now Walker is reducing taxes on budget surpluses. You not only owe him an apology, you should be pleading for his "playbook." Look around, Governor, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin are fixing problems and reducing taxes. The only way anyone should vote for you now is if you promise to hire Scott Walker to run the state.

Mike Clark

Lake Bluff

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