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posted: 4/2/2014 12:01 AM

GM should have acted responsibly

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GM should have acted responsibly

Every day we get new, unsettling information about General Motors' "Heavy Keychain Recall." Recently, we learned that GM may have known about the defective ignition switch since 2001, not 2004, as previously reported.

The infamous switch, which could, when jostled by a heavy keychain, shut off the motor, disable the breaking system and turn off the air bags; a triple whammy when driving at highway speed if there ever was one.

There have been dozens of accidents and at least 12 deaths, though many others may not have been reported as such due to lack of analyzable evidence at the scene.

Now we learn that GM is urging drivers of these defective cars, now being recalled for fixes, to keep just the single key on its keychain. GM conducted two internal investigations during the last ten years regarding the defect and closed them both.

Instead of recalling the cars to prevent death and injury as required by their membership in the human race, higher ups at GM decided to stay mum, only advising dealers to provide a minimal fix if an owner complained. That allowed GM to pay for less than 500 such repairs.

Now Uncle Sam has opened a potential criminal investigation why GM officials ignored that devastating safety defect for so long. GM finally recalled the 1.6 million cars; started offering loaners to affected drives and, get this, a $500 rebate to buy a new GM car.

Get your popcorn and peanuts, sit back, and watch this GM car wreck unfold over the next several years. It's gonna cost GM more billions than if it would have done the responsible thing in the first place.

Walt Zlotow

Glen Ellyn

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