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posted: 3/25/2014 12:01 AM

When life begins is the real question

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When life begins is the real question

In John Morgan's March 18 letter, he says, "Pregnancy is supposed to be a wonderful experience, not a punishment for having sex."

True, but as intimate and wonderful an experience as sex is, it should never, ever be treated as mere recreational activity, as happens all too often today. It seems to me that regardless of how the woman experiences it, the man virtually always gets exactly what he's after; it's no wonder why so many men are pushing to keep abortion legal and acceptable: self-centeredness, with little to no concern for the woman.

There was a time when women used sex to discriminate between the men they met. The promise of sex was used to seek out the best potential life partner and parent. The man had to prove himself worthy of her before sex was even considered. Nowadays, it seems as though it's all about fun, period, and with men getting the most with the least risk: They can't get pregnant.

Then there's HPV. What do the statistics say about the numbers of women who contract HPV who are married and monogamous versus those who kowtow to multiple men's sexual desires? Look it up sometime.

Regarding rape, well, John, can you describe for us, medically/scientifically, the difference between an egg that is fertilized when a married couple unite in love versus an egg that is fertilized as the result of a rape? Then tell us when human life begins: That's the real question here.

John Babush

Big Rock

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