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posted: 3/16/2014 12:01 AM

Packing 'heat' might land in hot water

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Packing 'heat' might land in hot water

In a recent Daily Herald article on "liberalizing" concealed carry, Mark Gampl of McHenry was quoted as stating, "You get the right to carry in approved areas, none of which are high-crime areas."

I'm not sure how others might feel, but it appears a pertinent question for Mr. Gampl might be, "Why do you want to be in a high-crime area in the first place?" Given that even with "protection" a person in a high-crime area would likely be outnumbered by bad guys, visiting such a location doesn't appear to be a very intelligent move.

Mr. Gampl further explained that he wouldn't apply for one of the new concealed carry permits until the law was loosened. In conjunction with this assertion he stated, "you give up more rights than you gain." In addition to the state of Illinois now being able to bear a close resemblance to 1884 Dodge City, another unfortunate result of the concealed carry law is that the ability to "pack" is going to give many people a false sense of invincibility.

Mr. Gampl and his gun enthusiast friends need to remember that the exercise of every right to which they may be entitled, including the "right" to carry "heat," might well land them in hot water.

Mark Anderson


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