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posted: 3/16/2014 5:01 AM

Politicians fear term limits

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Recently we have heard a lot about the need for constitutional amendments to achieve many goals. This includes eliminating the lieutenant governor position, going to a graduated income tax, and many other objectives. But nowhere do we hear any of our elected officials sponsoring or supporting a constitutional amendment to change the egregious language about pensions not being "impaired or diminished" while taxes go up, bills remain unpaid, and public servants draw excessive single or double pensions. Why is this?

The answer is simple. Unions dominate our government in Illinois, especially the Democratic Party, but also some Republicans, who need their money and manpower to stay in office. The politicians' goals are power, money, special interest groups (unions) and re-election. We need representatives willing to stand up and put their jobs on the line to pursue what is right for the state.

Term limits is one constitutional amendment that would achieve this goal. The primary goals of our elected officials, unfortunately, are: "me, my party, my re-election money and support, and if I have any time left over, I will do what is right for the state and its citizens."

Seems they never get past the first three, however.

We need elected officials who put themselves, their party, and the special interest group unions last -- and the taxpayers and our state first, but that will never happen. Politicians will never risk losing their jobs by doing the right thing for us.

Art Przybyl