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posted: 3/12/2014 1:01 AM

Brainerd building served its purpose

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The Brainerd building was in deplorable condition when I was a student there during the 1954-55 school year and has continued to deteriorate due to deferred maintenance since then. Community High School District 128 has not been interested in properly maintaining this property since the Butler Building was approved, built and expanded.

The Brainerd building outlived its usefulness over 50 years ago. If the group The Brainerd Community Center Inc. had a financially viable plan for renovation of the property, donors would be lined up to participate.

The Brainerd group has repeatedly been unsuccessful in their attempts to raise enough private funding for renovation. The group must certainly know if this referendum passes, the Brainerd building will be a money pit paid for by already overtaxed Libertyville property owners.

Should the referendum fail, Community High School District 128 intends to demolish both the Brainerd building and Jackson gym to provide additional student parking and playing areas.

Either by renovation or demolition, the property will still not be on the tax rolls. The difference is all property owners in District 128 will continue to pay for whatever District 128 does with the land and we Libertyville property owners will not be liable for a minimum of $11.5 million for renovating their Brainerd building.

Do not consider this building a shrine to the past. It served its purpose for many years, now let it pass. Let Community High School District 128 repurpose the land as it meets their needs.

Paul Biehl