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posted: 2/22/2014 5:00 AM

Unusual alliance says something about Rauner

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In the United States military, fragging refers to the disgraceful act of soldiers murdering members of their own military, particularly their leaders. Typically, these assassinations were effected by means of a fragmentation grenade, making it appear as though the killing had been accidental. The most common motive for choosing a fragmentation grenade is the cowardice perpetrator's desire to avoid identification and the associated consequences of their dishonorable act. Unlike a firearm projectile, an exploded hand grenade cannot be readily traced back to anyone specifically.

But what does this have to do with Bruce Rauner, you may ask? We are witnessing a metaphoric "political fragging" a character assassination, if you will, but make no mistake about it; Bruce Rauner is being intentionally fragged by members of his own party as well.

Motivated by their own political self-preservation, powerful Republican, Democratic and government union bosses are poised to character assassinate Mr. Rauner by whatever means is necessary to win. Armed with half-truths, misleading exaggeration and pejorative smears; their political missions survival depends upon a successful "fragging" of Bruce Rauner, right now, before he actually becomes Illinois governor and ushers in fiscal reform.

But most troubling perhaps, is how his fellow Republican running mates seem all too giddy to openly embrace their Democrat comrades and lob grenades of their own.

The nontraditional, unsettling alliance among Republicans, Democrats and government union bosses, intentionally coordinating their smear attacks against one single Republican candidate, is something that merits our undivided attention. It should leave Republicans asking themselves one key question; what does it really mean when Republican candidates and the Democrat machine team up to eagerly shoot their arrows squarely into the back of Bruce Rauner? It probably means that he is the right person to restore fiscal integrity and prosperity to Illinois.

Sean M. Morrison

Palos Park

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